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projects of art

Welcome to "Projects of Arts"! Here, you will discover captivating projects undertaken by the talented Dr. Dubs. Immerse yourself in the artistry behind each project, as Dr. Dubs skillfully weaves her clients' stories and expressions into works of art. Explore the boundless possibilities of artistic interpretation and experience the transformative power of Paint Your Culture.

Speaking Engagement


Sparrow workshop

Self-care & Dignity Training

Staff members at the Children's Services Council of Palm Beach County enjoyed a transformative 2-hour self-care session led by Paint Your Culture. During the session, participants delved into the fundamentals of belonging by exploring vulnerability and connection through artistic expression. It was an enriching experience that nurtured their well-being and strengthened team bonds.


Hope from the hill

video podcast: Inspiration & hope

A video podcast with church and community leaders, filmed in the historic Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church. Leaders share their stories of hope and inspiration with Deacon Dr. Wanita. 

Live Painting


commissioned works paintings

Custom or pre-design

Commissioned works paintings shows the works of Dr. Dubs. Through a consultation call, the  painting subject, style, and aesthetic for the custom painting is determined by Dr. Dubs. Afforded to art enthusiastic is the ability to choose an existing design for customization to bring the art vision to life.


neuroarts sessions

Arts based teambuilding

Paint Your Culture sessions combine DEI principles with visual arts (drawing, painting, sculpting, and/or collage) to foster connection.

Based on research in neuroarts and virtual team management, Paint Your Culture designs and executes sessions that are tailored to the needs of your organization.  Choose from 2 hour and full day sessions – in person or virtual.

NeuroArts Workshop
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