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Psst! It's an all access 2-day event

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Embrace Diversity and Creativity: Join "Paint Your Culture" at the Art Sales and Book Commissions Event!

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Mark your calendars for August 31st, 2023, as "Paint Your Culture" (PYT) gears up to participate in an extraordinary event - "Access for All" hosted by the Cultural Council of The Palm Beaches, Florida, in collaboration with PBC Sports Commission, PBC Film & Television, and other esteemed agencies like Palm Beach County Government, PBC Tourist Development Council, Convention Center, and Barry University. This two-day extravaganza from August 30th to 31st promises an experience entrenched in the art and cultural spaces, with a special focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).

🎨 Unleashing the Power of Art

PYT is thrilled to be part of this artistic celebration that unites creativity and inclusivity. At the Art Sales and Book Commissions Event, we'll showcase captivating artworks that speak volumes about our commitment to fostering human connections and embracing diverse perspectives through art.

📚 Beyond the Canvas: Book Commissions

In addition to stunning art pieces, the event will also be offering book commissions. Immerse yourself in the written word as the artists will bring their stories to life with vivid illustrations and artistic interpretations.

🎉 Join the Fun - Access for All!

Who should attend? All art enthusiasts, book lovers, and culture aficionados should come and be part of this incredible experience. The event will be an opportunity to revel in creativity, connect with diverse artists, and celebrate the richness of culture.

🌟 Embrace Diversity, Embrace Creativity

"Paint Your Culture" is thrilled to be a part of the event hosted by the Cultural Council and other esteemed partners in promoting DEI through the magical world of art and literature. See you at the "Access for All" event, where we'll paint the canvas of diversity with vibrant hues of creativity! 🌈🎨📚

To register for the event click the link - Art & Tourism Summit

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