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Paint Your Culture Unveils Artistic Magic Live at Eminent Fashion Show!

Get ready for an artistic extravaganza as Paint Your Culture (PYT) gears up to participate live at the Eminent Fashion Show on August 12, 2023, at the vibrant Boynton Beach Cultural Center. It's time to mark your calendars for a day of creativity, style, and pure inspiration!

Live Painting
Live Painting

🎨 Dr. Dubs: Where Art Meets Fashion

Renowned Artist and PYT's very own, Dr. Dubs, will steal the spotlight as he paints live during the event. With his magical strokes and vibrant hues, Dr. Dubs will create captivating artwork right before your eyes, infusing the ambiance with the spirit of art and fashion.

👗 A Celebration of Talent: Vendors & Fashion Show

The Eminent Fashion Show promises to be a true celebration of talent and creativity. Experience a delightful array of vendors showcasing their unique creations, from exquisite clothing to handcrafted accessories. The stage will then be set for a dazzling Fashion Show, where models will gracefully strut the runway adorned in the finest ensembles.

🎨 Playful Participation: Join the Art Journey

PYT encourages everyone to be part of the creative process! Get ready for some playful participation as you engage in interactive art activities alongside Dr. Dubs. Unleash your inner artist and contribute to the creation of collaborative masterpieces.

👗 Embrace Inspiration & Connection

PYT believes in the power of art to foster human connection, and this event will be no exception. Witness the seamless integration of art and fashion, as each stroke on canvas harmoniously complements the grace on the runway.

Don't miss this one-of-a-kind fusion of creativity and style! Come join us at the Eminent Fashion Show on August 12th at the Boynton Beach Cultural Center. Let's Paint Your Culture together and celebrate the beauty of artistic expression! 🎉🎨👗

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